Bryan Adams, David Clayton Thomas, Laurence Juber, “Sunny” performed by Pablo Novoa along with Italian violinist Sebastiano Frattini

Another great month for “Sunny” after Bryan Adams has released the song, and with “Sunny” by Ayo in the Mark Whalberg film The Gambler, three great new renditions:

Bryan Adams “SUNNY” from his CD “Tracks of My Years”


David Clayton Thomas “SUNNY”
“Sunny” on the CD Soul Ballads by David Clayton Thomas is as lush as anything off of Frank Sinatra and/or Linda Ronstadt’s Nelson Riddle albums.  As much piano cabaret as it is elegant standard with symphonic strings, this is Clayton-Thomas mature and without the tough angst of his over-the-top hits with Blood, Sweat and Tears.  Where Brenda Holloway, singer and co-writer of “You Made Me So Very Happy” approached her tune with tenderness, Clayton-Thomas belted the declaration of pure joy (a la Bobby Hebb’s own “Love You” with the same exact theme,) with a sledgehammer. Here, the singer that launched Blood, Sweat and Tears second album into the stratosphere gives the Holloway approach to Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny.”  It’s superb and shows that Clayton-Thomas is still a force to be reckoned with.



Pablo Novoa along with Italian violinist Sebastiano Frattini…/2015-03/f-sf-ars032315.php#

Making concerts possible with musicians separated by vast distances with minimal latency — delay between a musical performance and listening or recording — is the…
Laurence Juber also tracked “Sunny”
Laurence was guitarist for Paul McCartney and Wings.
Here he is performing Strawberry Fields Forever

Laurence Juber  Fingerboard Row

50th Anniversary of the publishing of “Sunny”

50th anniversary

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Buzzy Linhart to talk about “Sunny” on WBAI FM Radio tonight 10:30 PM Pacific time



Check out for the start of our
50th Anniversary Celebration
RARE MIEKO HIORTA SUNNY ‘LIVE”  (circa 1974, though Mieko’s studio version was in the 1960s)

VISUAL RADIO Director Jay LaFond heard “Sunny” in  grocery chain Market Basket in Haverhill, MA on December 29, 2014. We love when radio and supermarkets and the known universe plays “Sunny”

In 1965 Bobby Hebb, bassist Ben Tucker and  drummer Bernard “Pretty Purdie” cut the original version of “Sunny” which led to releases by David Pike on the Atco album Jazz for the Jet Set as well as Mieko “Miko” Hirota, the “Connie Francis of Japan.”  

Today we begin a 2 year campaign of 50th Anniversaries …

2015  The 50th Anniversary of the publishing of the song “Sunny”

2016 The 50th Anniversary of Bobby Hebb’s 1966 hit record, “Sunny” on Philips Records

731 days of fun starting today.

365 days in 2015

366 days in 2016, a leap year with February 29
from Mieko, after 1974, though she recorded her studio
version in the 1960s
Columbia Records 

Mieko Hirota Ahh! Soul with SUNNY LIVE

Vinyl album above

CD below

Lost 60’s articles on Bobby Hebb


There’s a terrific website, which has a plethora of magazine covers and articles from the era.

Here’s a page from the RECORD MIRROR, OCTOBER 1, 1966


SONNY BONO on “SUNNY” the song.
SONNY (Bono) had quite a lot to say about the  “Sunny” controversy. When I spoke to him over the transatlantic ‘phone, he was very anxious to clear up any points about making a ‘cover’ version of the Bobby Hebb song for his wife Cher.
“Originally the track was a cut off Cher’s new LP” said Sonny. “Now, Bobby Hebb’s record was issued a couple of months ago in Britain and it didn’t mean a thing. I thought that it was a dead record, and the single by Cher was put out. Then, about three weeks ago Bobby’s record started to happen. “I don’t like making cover records. I never intended this to be a cover record and I hope that Bobby’s record gets the success it deserves. I hope that the British record buyers will buy what they wanna buy, you know. I hear there’s another version of “Sunny” — by Georgie Fame?”
Sonny and Cher arrived home in the States last Wednesday after a tour of Britain and Europe and found themselves up to their necks in work. But their film has finally been finished and there’s an album of soundtrack numbers coming from it. “Actually, the record company wants me to put out a Sonny & Cher album before the  film track. You know, the record companies are always getting on to you for material. But I don’t know if I can do it for them. It’s a lot of physical labour and I’m not putting out an LP just for the sake of it. If I feel there’s something worthwhile to put out then I’ll do it.”
The film is likely to be issued in Eng-land and Europe before it gets American release, and the odds are that Sonny & Cher will come over here to promote it. It will be any time after November — Sonny expects to return about the beginning of January. Sonny talked about “Little Man” which is now a hit in the States after a late re-lease date.
“It’s a fun record. It’s something different. I feel good about it doing well. And I was pleased about the British studio that we used to finish it off in. It’s like the studio I use at home. That’s an old sort of studio but really funky. I don’t like these new studios very much. “The reason why we recorded “Sunny” in the first place, for Cher’s LP, was because it expresses a relationship — it’s a fine song but I never thought it’d be out anywhere as a single.” NORMAN JOPLING
Sunny / She’s No Better Than MeLiberty LIB 12038 – 1966
Cher, Sunny - Red Vinyl Test Pressing, Japanese, Deleted, 7" vinyl single (7 inch record), Liberty, LR-1980, 462558

Artist: Cher  (View 278 More)
Label:   Liberty  (View 259 More)
Country: Netherlands
Catalogue: LIB 12037
Date: Sep 1966
Format: 7″
Collection:   I Own It     I Want It 
Community: 7 Own
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watch YouTube video here

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Life of Crime with Jennifer Aniston – SUNNY on the soundtrack


Commentary on LIFE OF CRIME coming soon, along with video

Life of Crime (2013) – IMDb

Internet Movie Database
Rating: 5.8/10 – ‎3,670 votes

With Jennifer Aniston, Mos Def, Isla Fisher, Will Forte. Two common criminals get more than they bargained for after kidnapping the wife of a corrupt real-estate …


Here’s the trailer to Life of Crime



Have you seen our wonderful collection of “Sunny” videos on YouTube?

“SUNNY” on Ray Donovan August 31, 2014 Season 2, Episode 8


“Sunny” on Showtime’s Ray Donovan program and in the new film Life of Crime with Jennifer Aniston and Mos Def


“Sunny” from Ray Donovan audio and video link above

From Entertainment Weekly

Season 2 | Episode 8 | “Sunny” | Aired Aug 31, 2014

It’s a sunny day in L.A.—the sky is clear, the birds are chirping, and Ray has alienated himself from almost everyone in his family. That includes Abbie, once again on a motel rendezvous with Jim the cop. This time, Ray is on the case, as Avi reluctantly takes surveillance shots of Abbie and Jim.


Credits 2  Ray Donovan


Credits to “Sunny” from Ray Donovan audio / video link below


Airtimes for “Sunny” episode of         Ray Donovan


S2 Ep 8: Sunny:

Upcoming Airings (All Times ET/PT):

Thu, Sep 04, 11:30 PM
Fri, Sep 05, 9:00 PM
Sat, Sep 06, 12:35 AM
Sat, Sep 06, 8:00 PM
Sun, Sep 07, 1:20 AM
Sun, Sep 07, 8:00 PM
Sat, Sep 13, 9:00 PM
Sun, Sep 28, 3:00 PM


“Wait, why’d you stop.”

“Something ain’t right.”

“It sounded beautiful, where did you find the song?”

“My momma used to sing it to me.” 

“I like it.” 

“Come here.”




“Sunny” from Ray Donovan audio / video link




Notable Music Facebook site

Bobby Hebb‘s “Sunny” plays a big role in this week’s episode of Ray Donovan on Showtime. Don’t miss.



Whether it’s protecting the dirty secrets of the LA elite, or keeping the FBI at bay, Ray Donovan remains cool, calm and connected. But will his reckless and remorseless father Mickey prove to be Ray’s undoing?

Click on “Sunny” here




Lee Drexler returns from his honeymoon, only to be confronted by Cookie Brown, who demands the rights to Marvin’s music. Ray arranges the deal, but then Lee reneges on it. Peggy Shaughnessy plants a seed of doubt in Kate’s mind about the story that she published; Kate reopens her investigation but is threatened by a pair of Southie thugs on the street.


Mos Def, Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins in new film that features “Sunny” as the first song on the soundtrack.


Mos Def recorded “Priority” which samples Bobby Hebb’s “Flower” from the Love Games LP

Listen to Priority and Flower right here:


aniston sunny


“Sunny” in the new film Life of Crime, first song on the soundtrack


From the Notable site:

 Groovin’ on Bobby Hebb‘s “Sunny” in Life of Crime. Now playing. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Mos Def, John Hawkes. Great soundtrack.

“Sunny” the song of the week on Notable Publishing site

“Sunny” on KGFJ with Bobby Hebb in the studio; thank you to the Notable Publishing site

Hebb with DJ



Rare Bobby Hebb photos

1)Bobby on the Great Hits of the 60’s compilation

2)Bobby at Montreal’s Yugoslavian Pavilion

rare photo of bobby Bobby in Yugoslavia

Remembering Bobby, Four Years Ago Today August 3, 2014

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.
The dark days are gone and the bright days are here.
My sunny one shines so sincere.
Sunny one so true, I love you.


Four years ago today we lost our friend Bobby, one of the most gifted musicians to ever walk this planet and the known universe.  There’s not much I can say that we haven’t already said except how much we miss Bobby. He was a tremendous friend.    This weekend the film on James Brown, Get On Up in release.  Brown covered “Sunny” multiple times so having the movie released on Bobby’s Anniversary weekend is a nice touch. Here’s the trailer

Bobby’s musician friend, Nat Simpkins, made a nice comment on our blog. Here it is:

Blogger Nat Simpkins said…

I’ve known and played with some of the greatest musicians of all time, but Bobby was really the most talented musician that I ever knew. He always gave all he had when he performed, no matter where. One night my piano player, Michael price and I were visiting him in his hotel room. He sat on his bed with his guitar and sang Nancy With the Laughing Face. It was like hearing him perform for 50,000 people in a huge stadium – the same level of performance.


Bobby Hebb’s last tour October 2008 in Japan

Happy Birthday Bobby Hebb July 26, 1938 – August 3, 2010


Bobby would have been 76 years young today. 

Celebrate the birth of the legendary Bobby Hebb, 

July 26, 1938-August 3, 2010. 
Happy Birthday, Bobby

In the Navy with his friend Bill Root, Bobby Hebb performed with the Pine Island Pirates.

After the passing of Johnny Kidd – of “Shakin’ All Over” fame, Johnny Kidd’s Pirates backed up Bobby Hebb for a tour of Europe.

Nick Simper has a wonderful essay about the tour


SIDE NOTE: On July 16, 2014 Kitoto Von Hebb and site editor Joe Viglione saw Aerosmith perform at Great Woods / XFinity Center.   Steve Tyler of Aerosmith sang a bit of “Sunny” for Kitoto backstage.  Steve Tyler’s parents owned a resort in Lake Sunapee!   From Sunapee to Sunny!

Aerosmith, considered by many to be America’s greatest rock and roll band, has its roots in New Hampshire. Two members of the band, lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry spent their childhood summers in Sunapee.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sings “Sunny” to Kitoto backstage

Steven Tyler Of Aerosmith Appears At Studio 54Aerosmith was terrific last nigh, July 16, 2014, t at the XFinity Center, formerly known as Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  Opening the set with “Back In The Saddle Again” performing hit after hit, bringing Slash from Guns n Roses up to play guitar on “Mama Kin” and closing the set with “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Train Kept A Rollin” with Johnny Depp (who is in town for the Whitey Bulger filming) it was simply an amazing night.   Earlier, backstage at around 7:15 pm, Steven Tyler met Bobby Hebb’s daughter, Kitoto, and started singing “Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet.”  They took a photo together.    It was a great night and a fantastic concert.

Johnny Depp played guitar on Train Kept a Rolling – final song last night
watch clip here:

Here’s Slash performing on “Mama Kin” last night at the Aerosmith concert

Dream On live July 16, 2014

aerosmith live

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Guitarist Peter White

peter white




JULY 15, 2014 

Sunny The Song: When did you get the idea to record “Sunny” and who is performing with you on the rendition on “Playin Favorites?”

Peter White: It was actually producer Paul Brown’s idea for me to record Sunny. Our friend Jeff Carruthers recorded the track at his studio and we later added Jerry Hey and his horn section at Paul’s studio.  

Sunny The Song:  Have you played “Sunny” live over the years and, if so, when did you add the song to your repertoire? 

Peter White:  I have played Sunny live on many occasions after the Playin’ Favorites CD was released (2006), adding vocals in the last verse from my keyboard player David Sparkman, which I thought was a nice touch and kicked everything up a notch.

Sunny The Song:  In your touring did you ever meet or play on the same bill with Bobby Hebb? 

Peter White: Never did meet Bobby unfortunately. 

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song:Was there a “demo that got the deal” for your 1990 album Reveillez-Vous on Chase Music ?

Peter White: There was a demo but it never got me a deal. I was turned down by every record company that I met with. I eventually financed the CD myself and got the deal with Chase Music Group through my relationship with Cliff Gorov from All That Jazz Inc. who was a radio promoter. He convinced CMG that he would get my songs played on the radio and he was as good as his word! 

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song: You have an extensive tour – Honolulu, California, U.K. and U.S.A. East Coast, do you have a specific set for each region or does an audience in one region want different tracks from your career?

Peter White: It’s impossible to know what each person wants from a concert, let alone an entire audience, so I just make the best show that I can at the time. I don’t change the set from one region to the next, but I might change it slightly depending on if it’s a small audience or a large festival. The more intimate songs will work best in intimate settings of course.

Joe Viglione: Your bio says you are a Beatles fan, what was it like when you walked into the studio to have Alan Parsons recording you and Al Stewart for “Year of the Cat” ? 

Peter White: Going to work at Abbey Road Studios was like walking into Shangri-La for me. This was the studio where the Beatles recorded most of their music, including my favorite- Sgt. Pepper’s. I later saw a pic of the lads recording there and I realized that where I sat with my guitar was right in the middle of where they had set up to record the first Beatles album. I was sitting right between where John, Paul, George and Ringo had played when they were recording!

Joe Viglione/Sunny The Song: Bobby Hebb performed “Sunny” backed up by Emmy Lou Harris guitarist Barry Tashian and his Remains on the final Beatles tour in 1966 – it was interesting because while Bobby’s song was #1 in Cashbox and #2 in Billboard in the summer of 1966 with that sterling Jerry Ross production, onstage he and the Remains did a rave-up that went on for about 5 minutes plus. Though it was first released in 1965 by vibraphonist David Pike, jazz musicians around the world have embraced the song, as have so many other genres. Why do you think the chord changes lend themselves so well to so many jazz artists (a) and why is the song attractive to you (b)

Peter White: (a) I think it’s a great song and that’s why people love to play it. You would have to ask a real jazz musician why it appeals to jazz musicians ha ha! 7(b) I just love the song- that’s why I like to play it!

Joe Viglione/Sunny The you for your time and insight, Peter, and thank you for recording “Sunny.”


Video #2

    Sunny The has conducted a series of interviews with legends and personalities who have been involved with Bobby Hebb or who have recorded “Sunny”  or other Hebb tunes.  Those interviews include but are not limited to: producer Jerry Ross, producer James Fleming Rasmussen, band leader Jimmy Church, drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, U.K. artist Sophie, jazz guitarist Pat Martino, New Kids on the Block keyboardist and Bobby Hebb musician Yasko Kubota, Nat Simpkins and many others.

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