JACK ATHEY – Sunny Song of the Day June 30, 2015

Perfect music for today’s weather courtesy of Mr. @JackAthey! One of Sheffield’s finest musicians
Thank you very much guys, the original is one of my all time favourite songs

Jack Athey

What an honor!, Thx f/the mentions and RT, Sunny, all-time 70s Soul classic, I’ve been playing this tune piano since my teens
athey 2

Bryan Lewis – June 24, 2015 Sunny song of the Day


bryan lewis

From facebook:
  • Born and raised in upstate New York, Bryan Lewis received his B.A. in Music Industry from S.U.N.Y. Oneonta in 2008, and he’s been fortunate enough to have a full-time career in the music business ever since.

    Bryan has lived in the Tampa Bay area since January 2010 and plays over 200 gigs a year with Serotonic, Acme Jazz Garage, as a solo pianist, and occasionally with other bands and musicians. He also teaches piano, keyboard, and organ lessons via Skype and locally in Tampa Bay.

  • Current Location
    Tampa, FL

Mini review by Joe Viglione


Bryan Lewis starts his rendition of “Sunny” off with a beat, and some funk ad-libs before going in to the song’s melody.   It’s a contemplative “Sunny” with creative dashes of notes stretching the basic foundation of the perennial hit song.

Where Stevie Wonder performed “Sunny” in a more traditional setting both on the For Once In My Life album as well as Stevie Wonder Live – punctuated with big band and Stevie’s superb harmonica, Bryan Lewis of Tampa, Florida goes where Wonder might approach the song today in 2015. Over an electronic drum Lewis goes a more modern Wonder route with the melody,


The Fender Rhodes (which is dominant on the hits “Dancing In the Moonlight” by King Harvest and “Superwoman” by Stevie) is a nice touch on the three minute and fifty two second instrumental.

Mark Chang – Sunny Song of the Day June 23, 2015 Tuesday

mark chang

Jazz/Funk/Soul/Blues from Mark Chang’s piano

New PRO SOUND version. This is a real funky piano version of the awesome tune “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb. Recorded May 14, 2009 in El Dorado Hills, CA by pianist Mark Chang. Hope you enjoy it.


Mini Review: eight minutes and thirty-nine seconds of “Sunny” by Mark
Chang. His fingers dance around the keyboard bringing the song into a
variety of dimensions.  You can hear the stylings of Leon Russell, a
little Sly and the Family Stone “If You Want Me To Stay” at the 5:34 mark (Bobby was in Studio A recording Love Games, Sly in Studio B recording There’s A Riot Going On circa 1969/1970 ) certainly more subdued than Liberace, a wonderfully easy to absorb exploration of Bobby Hebb’s chord changes and melody.   JV


Laurence Juber SUNNY song of the Day June 22, 2015 Monday


Summer is here, and it will be a SUNNY SUMMER for sure!

Two time Grammy award winning artist, Laurence Juber, forged his musical legend a long time ago as Paul McCartney’s lead guitarist for Wings and as a groundbreaking solo acoustic guitarist and now, he adds a few more chapters with a new album and book.  March 13, 2015

Laurence Juber’s recording of “Sunny” is 3:35 minutes in on this promo for his cd Fingerboard Road


laurence juber